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Inspiring the Habit of Herbs & Food for Health

Dallas Chapman has a Masters Degree in Herbal Medicine, Post Graduate Studies in Nutrition and has worked for two International Weight Loss Companies.

At midlife women experience hormonal changes and this impacts lipolysis (fat breakdown). Not only is it harder to lose weight but all these hormonal changes make it easier to gain weight. Weight management at this time is more than calories in and calories out, as there are many factors involved.

With over 20yrs Clinical Experience and having seen the successes and failures in the Weight Loss Industry, Dallas understands the mental and emotional challenges many individuals confront. Having undertaken specific research on factors affecting weight gain and phytonutrients to enhance weight loss for her Masters Dregree, she is well equipped to support you on your Weight Management Journey

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Dallas Chapman is a Registered Herbalist with over 20yrs Herbal Medicine Clinical Experience treating clients for a vast array of disorders. Her passion is longevity, so is very interested in conditions commonly arising in the 40’s around middle age. This is more so, as she is now 55 yrs old. It is at this time Dallas believes individuals need to be more concerned about their health and be personally invested in Healthy Aging to ensure a greater quality of life in old age.  As women age and hormones decline, the feedback mechanisms of the Endocrine System are impacted and this is where many ladies struggle with changing bodies and weight gain. The Nervous System is also disrupted by these changes making women more vulnerable to stressors which can further impact the hormones.

Why choose to work with me?

Watch the video and I will explain in just a couple of minutes!

“What I teach you is based on Science. It is simple to understand and easy to implement. We will work through any challenges that you encounter together over the first six weeks of your new Health Regime. PLEASE NOTE: I do not use meal plan dieting. You choose your own meals.”

I look forward to working with you…..                              

FOOD & HERBS - Contain Phytochemicals

Plant food contains constituents called “phytochemicals”. These are powerful components of food & herbs that can exert beneficial actions on the body.

An example of food acting as medicine is Pomegranate. Amelia is a female Ladrador Dog that suffered with cluster seizures. Her medication was not stabilising her medical condition. Dallas introduced the dog to a diet was higher in naturally occurring glycine. This amino acid activated the receptor involving the neurotransmitter which the drug was enhancing. The change in diet stabilised the seizures. The side effects of the drug Phenobarbitol, that Amelia takes twice daily can affect the health of both her liver and kidney. She is tested regularly by the vet.  Amelia is fed Pomegranate Juice or Powder with her dinner.  This fruit  protects her liver and stops liver enzymes from elevating. Dallas teaches her clients how to use phytochemicals in their diet to assist in achieving their health goals and therefore reducing a dependency on supplements. Your diet should be utilised to support your health.